Astral Plane

Also called Akasha or Astra, the Astral Plane is the silvery, star-speckled streaked with gray, white, pink, and violet. The Astral Plane is fluid, in places shaped by the thoughts of the observers. It is a world of thought, dreams, nightmares, and metaphors where visitors travel as disembodied souls.

Astral Plane is a transitive plane, believed to connect all other planes as well as the minds of all living, thinking creatures. It is a dimension of reality that connects the Mindscapes of all sentient beings. It’s the means by which people are connected with the Dreamlands. The multicolored stars in the sky are minds, and traveling to one can bring you to a creature's mindscape.

Within the Astral Plane are several fixed locations:

The Astral Overlay. From the regions of the Astral Plane that overlay the Material Plane, one may observe the "real" world. This region exists alongside the material world and is only absent if it has been removed by some power or effect.

When traveling in the Astral Overlay, a creature can see the material world around it, but cannot interact with it by normal means. Creatures and objects, including walls, floors, and ceilings, can be passed through as if they were difficult terrain. A creature who is passed through feels a cold sensation.

Some wards and powers create barriers on the Astral Overlay, and places of learning, such as schools and libraries, which have existed for a century or more are solid on the Astral Overlay.

The Astral Sea. The Astral Sea surrounds the Astral Plane on all sides. It is a stormy, swirling sea of psionic energy. Anyone falling into the Astral Sea is instantly swept away. It is unclear where they end up, though some scholars believe they are deposited as memories within the minds of others.

The Dreamlands. This region is changing constantly, formed by the unconscious whims and late-night snacks of every sleeping mind in the mortal world. Many scholars believe that every inhabited planet has its own Dreamland, but others disagree. The Dreamland is bordered by mindscapes, and where one ends and the other begins is difficult to say.

Attempting to enter into a mindscape from the Dreamlands, you gain advantage on power checks made to breach a target's mind wall.

Mental Shaping

Creatures in the Dreamlands have some degree of control over the form of their environment. By making an Intelligence check DC 12, the creature can alter its weapons, armor, or gear—but can only use this to give itself mundane objects. It cannot grant unusual abilities to objects, such as powers. Additionally, by making a Charisma check DC 12, it can alter its appearance, becoming taller, shorter, thinner, rounder, or even as another race, creature type, or individual. By making a Wisdom check DC 15, the creature can alter its surroundings in a 60-foot radius.

The Akashic Library. Legends say that this vast library exists in the depths of the Astral Plane. It is a massive, dim labyrinth with many rooms and halls, some tall and long, some narrow and squat. It is kept by the Akashic Librarians, a race of silvery fey of extreme forms, tall and squat. Each book in this library holds all knowledge on a single topic. It should be noted that many of these books contain multiple volumes. The existence of knowledge supernaturally inscribes it into the books.

Discovering the location of the Akashic Library should require a great deal of effort on the part of a hero or team, perhaps even multiple issues of a title.

Once a creature leaves the Library, the memory of its location is forgotten.


There are numerous beings who dwell on the astral plane and others who travel there.

Adze This psionic parasite is a tiny light, but can manifest an illusion of an attractive human. They attach to a host in order to feed on their psychic energies. They don't dominate them, but they can enhance their emotions to increase the meal.
Astral travelers Astral travelers are mortals who have left their bodies to traverse the astral plane.
Astral monk Mortal monks, such as the bakhshi, occasionally enter the astral plane through meditation.
Astral personification The manifestation of a concept, astral personifications can be benign or dangerous.
Astral steed Herds of astral steeds roam the wilds on the edges of the Dreamlands.
Cerebral stalker These predators track dreamers and astral travelers, devouring their thoughts like food. They eerily emulate the personality of the last host they fed upon.
Dragon Dragons of the astral plane may be celestial or empyreal. They include dream dragons, insight dragons, and rainbow amphiptere.
Fetch These shape-shifting creatures appear often as animals and accompany mortals born with a cowl over their heads. They generally remain in the Astral Overlay but may appear to their chosen companion in a dream to warn them of danger.
Furies The furies are fierce creatures who bring nightmares and guilt to the deserving.
Ikiryō Wicked astral travelers driven by rage or jealousy to haunt others.
Jimaniño These prankster faeries have wings and a childlike appearance and travel into the mortal world on All Saints Day and the day after.
Nibelungen These small faeries are known to be tricksters. They enjoy tempting others to steal their gold only to find that that treasure can't be returned to the material world.
Obayifo A psionic parasite who seeks to inhabit the bodies of mortals. They appear on the astral plane as a ball of light and are obsessed with mortal food.
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