Astral Step

1st-level movement

Activation Time: 1 minute
Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes

Your psychic presence (or astral form) can leave your physical body and enter the Astral Overlay, the region of the astral plane that reflects and overlaps the material world. Your psychic presence can stay in the Astral Overlay, allowing you to observe the world, though not generally interact with it.

Your physical body is unconscious and still requires food, water, and air. You aren’t aware of the happenings to or around your body while astrally traveling (unless you’re near enough to see it), and your body is treated as unconscious for purposes of defense and is subject to dehydration, starvation, and atrophy. You know immediately if your body takes any damage or if it experiences any sensation that would normally wake someone. For example, you would be aware of your body being shaken or stuck with a needle, but not if it was being gently carried or if your hand was placed in a bowl of warm water.

You initially wear a favorite outfit but can wear whatever clothing you choose and change your attire with an Intelligence check DC 12. Your psychic presence appears as you see yourself, perhaps more or less attractive, and perhaps a bit older or younger. Your physical ability scores are replaced by your mental: Strength is replaced by Charisma, Dexterity by Intelligence, and Constitution by Wisdom. These changes affect your attacks, skills, Hit Points, Armor Class and all other statistics of your character affected by ability scores.

You can have whatever weapons and armor you normally carry and are proficient in, even if those items are not on your person. You can also summon such equipment, but only objects you own that are familiar to you. Additionally, you can use astral armor and weapons if available.

You maintain your power suite and any power slots you have remaining, but these powers only function in the Astral Plane, not in the material world. The exception is psychic powers. You can use any psychic powers you possess to interact with the physical world (e.g.: Telepathic Whisper, Psychic Storm), if you can see your target.

Your psychic presence can wander for as long as you wish, can freely travel through the Astral Overlay, but not deeper into the Astral Plane. Unlike with Astral Travel, you don't gain a fly speed. Also, you can not pass through portals there leading to any other plane. When the duration expires, you can activate the power again without returning to your body as a standard action.

Your psychic presence cannot be sensed on the material plane through the normal senses, is able to move through mundane barriers, such as walls, unhindered (unless those walls also exist on the Astral Overlay). The physical environment of the other plane has no effect on your psychic presence, and it doesn’t require air.

You have the addition of a silvery cord which appears when you look for it and extends from between your shoulder blades or the back of your head, and trails behind you, fading to invisibility after a few feet. This cord is your tether to your material body. As long as the tether remains intact, you can find your way home. If the cord is cut—something that can happen only when an effect specifically states that it does—your soul and body are separated, killing you instantly (although some believe your psychic presence remains on the Astral Plane as a mad ghost).

The effect ends for you (and any you bring with you at higher levels) when you use your action to dismiss it. When the effect ends, all affected creatures return to their physical body and wake up. Any damage sustained by the astral form is halved (rounded down), treated as though it were obtained by the psychic damage type, calculating any resistance or immunity.

This power might also end early for you or one of your companions. A successful Negate Power used against an astral or physical body ends the power for that creature. If a creature’s original body or its astral form drops to 0 Hit Points, the power ends for that creature. If the effect ends early and the silver cord is intact, the cord pulls the creature’s psychic presence back to its body, awakening it. The creature is stunned for 1d4 rounds.

If you are returned to your body prematurely, any companions you've brought with you are also returned under the same conditions.

At Higher Levels. If you activate this power using a higher level power slot, you gain the ability to bring companions. For every level 2nd and higher you add one companion, bringing them with you into the Astral Overlay. Once in the Astral Overlay the companion can move freely at their normal speed, however, if you return to the waking world, they must as well.

Death and Projection

If your silver cord is severed or your physical body is killed, the GM may determine that your psychic presence goes on as a ghostly NPC, mournfully haunting places or people you were attached to in life, or attempting to follow courses similar to those you would have chosen, but with a dark, mad twist.

Faerie and Projection

A faerie, such as an elf, does not have a separate body and soul. A faerie with Astral Step doesn’t leave his body, but fully enters the Astral Overlay, keeping his standard physical abilities. In this case, this power functions as Ethereal Step, but on the Astral Overlay.

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