You are among the idle rich. You come from a wealthy family, but you don't bear the heavy burden of maintaining that wealth, only the privileges that come with it. However, you are expected to maintain your family's reputation and promote its good standing.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Persuasion
Tool Proficiency: Select one of the following: Gaming Set (any), Vehicle (any)
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A casual, formal, and business wardrobe, the latest smartphone (Int 12), the latest tablet (Int 12), laptop, and desktop computer, a gaming set, a valuable piece of art ($1,000), and rooms in your family's home.
Lifestyle Requirement: You must have the Wealthy or Aristocratic lifestyle to take this background.

Feature: Burden of Wealth

You belong to a wealthy family and have access to a fortune. You have access to servants and exotic getaways. You can amass the funds needed for any item or service given 1d6 days, provided you can make a Charisma (Deception) or Charisma (Persuasion) check with a DC equal to cost divided by 5,000. However, this wealth comes at the cost of freedom. While you have few duties when it comes to the family business, your family often needs you to attend social events, occasional board meetings, and similar functions. Failing to attend such an event causes you a cumulative -2 penalty to future attempts to amass funds until the GM determines you've returned to your family's good graces. If your family becomes too put out with your antics, they might cut you off, reducing your lifestyle to Modest.

Suggested Characteristics

Blue-Bloods are affluent and have a great deal of freedom.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I express my concerns for the less fortunate through fund-raising and philanthropy.
2 I may be part of the conversation, but I'm usually thinking about how I spent last weekend or how I'm spending the next.
3 I don't spend time with people of the lower class. They make me uncomfortable.
4 I have the time and finances to make an actual difference in the world.
5 While I'm part of a wealthy family, I don't take my position and privilege for granted. Poverty is always one bad decision away.
6 Sometimes I forget that I'm rich. And sometimes the people around me do as well.
7 I love my family, but I'm ashamed of how we made our fortune.
8 I want to prove my worth to my parents so that they trust me to take on a more direct role in the family business.
d6 Ideal
1 Philanthropy. It's my duty to care for those who are less fortunate. (Good)
2 Position. It is my place to respect the authority of those above me, just as those below me should respect mine. (Lawful)
3 Freedom. I'm on my own to do what I like; just me and my family's fortune. (Chaotic)
4 Power. If I can stay in good favor with my family long enough, then I can build my own fortune and do what I like. (Evil)
5 Family. The position of my family in society is my duty to maintain. (Any)
6 Prestige. Respect is due to me because of my wealthy and position in society. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 Nothing is more important to me than my family.
2 I will do what I must to maintain my family's honor.
3 My family's relationship with another wealthy family must be maintained.
4 I lost my family long ago under mysterious circumstances and will go to any lengths to discover the truth.
5 I am in love with a prominent member of a rival family.
6 My family was killed in front of me and I will do anything to save others from that fate.
d6 Flaw
1 I party too much and have trouble taking myself seriously.
2 I'm ashamed of the fact that I see myself above others due to my wealth.
3 I am the center of the universe. If you don't believe me, ask my mother.
4 I know a secret that could ruin my family.
5 I'm on the verge of being disinherited because of my recent actions.
6 I'm ashamed of the terrible crimes that my parents committed to attaining their wealth.
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