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Superheroes are amazing, fantastic, and even uncanny people who are compelled to act on behalf of others and stand against threats that ordinary human beings can not face. They are crimefighters, soldiers, explorers, and protectors who take on the challenges that most people can't.

A character class (or simply "class") is a fundamental part of the framework that defines your character. Your character's capabilities, strengths, and even weaknesses are largely defined by its class. It isn't a career or a profession, but the role your character is expected to play within the story and the team.

Class informs how your character perceives the universe and interacts with it, other people, and powers that be. An action hero, for example, might try to solve every problem with violence. A scientist, by contrast, might seek to solve every problem with intellect.

Your class gives you a variety of special features, such as an action hero’s mastery of weapons and a zoomer's increased speed. When you start out at lower levels, your class only gives you two or three features, but as you climb in level you gain more and some of your existing features improve. Each class entry in this chapter includes a table summarizing the benefits you gain at every level, and a detailed explanation of each one.


What We're Trying to Do
The classes we've developed for Super Fantasy are meant to support the basic disciplines and techniques of traditional comic-book characters, from those who use their brawn to those who use their heads.

You can certainly include fighters, rogues, and other classes you find in 5e games elsewhere. Even spell-casting classes are meant to be balanced within the game, though tracking spells lists which replenish after a long rest and powers suites which replenish after a short or long rest can be daunting.

Feedback is appreciated.

Character Classes

Action Hero. An Action Hero uses his fighting skills to achieve his goals.
Blaster. A Blaster is an expert with ranged attacks.
Brain. A Brain is a hero who depends on her intelligence and cunning.
Brawler. A Brawler uses her fists… and feet… and forehead to fight her battles.
Charmer. A Charmer is a charismatic hero who awes and inspires.
Detective. A Detective is an investigator and criminologist.
Scientist. A Scientist uses experiments and methodology to better the world.
Zoomer. A Zoomer is swift and agile in and out of battle.

Proficiency Bonus by Level
Level Proficiency Bonus
1st +2
2nd +2
3rd +2
4th +2
5th +3
6th +3
7th +3
8th +3
9th +4
10th +4
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