Commanding Influence

3rd-level manipulation

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You attempt to charm a creature you can see within range and make it susceptible to your directions. The target makes a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the target is Charmed by you and listens to your directions and then attempts to execute them to the best of its ability for a time up to the duration of the power. If the target cannot understand your directions, this power functions as Captivating Influence. If the directions are understood and can be completed in a shorter time, the effect ends when the subject finishes what it was asked to do. The suggestion cannot be harmful to the creature. Asking the target to jump off of a building, slap a bull, or take some other obviously harmful action ends the effect.

You can also specify conditions that will trigger a special activity during the duration. For example, you might suggest that a villain turn himself in and confess to his crimes to the first police officer he sees. If the condition isn’t met within the duration, the activity isn’t performed.

If you or any of your companions attack the target, the effect ends.

This power has no effect on constructs, oozes, plants, or undead.

At Higher Levels: When you activate this power using a power slot of 4th level or higher, you can target one additional creature or extend the duration by one hour for each slot level above 3rd. Additionally, when activated at 4th level, it can affect dragons, elementals, and fey. When activated at 6th level, it can affect aberrations, celestials, and fiends.

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