Detect Danger

2nd-level sensory

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

For the duration, you know if there are imminent dangers within 60 feet of you that can affect you, as well as where the danger is located. If the danger is moving, you know the direction it's moving and how fast. An imminent danger is an effect, such as an attack, which, if successful, will cause damage or a condition before your next turn.

You can attack targets that you sense and cannot see, however you do suffer disadvantage.

You cannot be surprised by dangers that you're aware of.

At Higher Levels: When you trigger this power using a power slot above 2nd, you can achieve additional effects:

  • 3rd level: You can sense imminent dangers to all creatures within the area.
  • 4th level: The area in which you can sense danger is 90 feet.
  • 5th level: You gain the ability to detect potential dangers. A potential danger is one which may be triggered by your actions. For example, if walking down a hall will bring you into potential conflict with a guard, then this power warns you before you step down the hall, but lets you know that the danger is not immediate.
  • 6th level: You can trigger this power as a bonus action.
  • 7th level: The area in which you can sense danger is 120 feet.
  • 8th level: You know if dangers are posed by creatures or objects.
  • 9th level: You know the type of danger caused, the amount of damage the dangers can deal, and the conditions the dangers can afflict. You also know the DC of any saves which must be made to negate or lessen effects.
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