Detect Electricity

3rd-level sensory

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes

For the duration, you sense the presence of electricity in objects and creatures, including with a creature's nervous system, within 120 feet of you. These objects and creatures cannot hide from you, gain no benefit from obscurement, and cover effects line of effect, but not line of sight.

You can sense the location of creatures with even weak electrical signatures, such as humanoids and beasts, and determine the creature type, but not the subtype or the specific creature. You can spend an action while this power is in effect to ignore invisibility for a single such target for the duration. You may ignore invisibility for an additional target by spending an additional action so long as the power is in effect.

You can sense the precise location of electronic devices (including robots) and creatures using electrical powers even if those objects or creatures are otherwise invisible or obscured.

When you sense an electronic device, you know what type of device it is (smartphone, radio, automobile, etc.). If it is an obscure device the GM may require an Electronics Tools check to understand its nature. The DC is generally 15 but may be higher at the GM's discretion.

When a target uses the Conceal Electricity power, you make a power check against their power DC to detect them.

The power can penetrate most barriers, but it is blocked by 1 foot of stone, 3 feet of wood or dirt, or a thin sheet of rubber or insulation.

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