Electrical Impulse Control

4th-level manipulation

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You can manipulate the electrical impulses used by a machine or even a living being to control its motor skills. Choose one device or creature within range. A mundane device such as a vehicle or an automaton automatically follows your mental direction so long as it is within range. A device with computerized security protocols or a creature makes an Intelligence save to avoid your control. A creature may repeat this saving throw at the end of each of its turns to end the effect and takes 1d4 lightning damage + 1d4 psychic damage. Some creatures, such as incorporeal undead and elementals, do not have a nervous system that relies on electrical signals and are immune to this power.

Once controlled, devices do as directed for the duration. You can change the direction given to a device with a bonus action. Devices function to the best of their ability within the confines of their function. You can make a car drive at any speed and in any direction it is normally capable of. You can cause a robotic arm to assemble anything it is designed to or move as it is able, even causing it to attack.

A creature controlled by this power is a puppet directed solely by you. You must use your action to direct the target each round or the target takes no action. The creature takes only the actions you decide and nothing you don't allow it to. You can also have the creature use a reaction, but this takes your reaction as well. You may still use your move action as normal.

If the target takes damage, it makes another Intelligence save. On a success, the effect ends and the creature takes 1d4 lightning damage + 1d4 psychic damage.

At Higher Levels. When you activate this power using a 6th-level slot, the duration is Concentration, up to 10 minutes. At a 7th-level slot, the duration is Concentration, up to 1 hour. At a slot of 8th or higher, the duration is Concentration, up to 8 hours.

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