Within the Super-Fantasy game world, heroic and villainous characters usually possess supernatural or superhuman powers. Heroes use these endowments to fight crime, protect the innocent, and battle villains, while villains use their abilities to commit crimes, threaten the innocents, and battle heroes.

In many instances, these heroes and villains have truly inhuman abilities which come from within due to alien physiology, a divine bloodline, or a cosmic or scientific accident. Others use technology or magic to level the playing field with beings from beyond. And there are a handful of ordinary men and women who rely on their intensive training to compete with super-humans.

Heroes and villains in the Super-Fantasy Basic game may have the following endowments:

  • Astonishing Disciplines: You are so adept that you seem nearly inhuman.
  • Beastly Empowerment: You draw your powers from your unusual physiology.
  • Innate Magic: You are a conduit of the mystical energies which make up the cosmos.
  • Mystic Wielding: You have been granted a powerful, enchanted item such as a mystical sword or an enchanted ring.
  • Super-Powers: You have super-human powers which come from within yourself.
  • Tech-Wonders: You utilize an array of tools to level the playing field with super-humans.

Using Endowments

Select an endowment for your character. This will determine how many power slots he has available at each level and how many powers he has access to. The details are defined within each endowment.

The allowed combinations are shown on the table below.

Empowered Freak Human Magus Robot
Astonishing Disciplines x x
Beastly Empowerment x x
Innate Magic x x
Mystic Wielding x x
Super-Powers x x x
Tech-Wonders x x
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