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Soldier's Pack

Faerie Wards

(Power Suite)
Cost: -1 CP/PL
Effect: Faerie are a magical people. Through the ages, old wives and wisemen has discovered a variety of ways to protect themselves from their good neighbors. Some really don’t work. Holy ground and Bibles, for example.

  • Iron Horseshoes: If you come within 10' you take 1d4 points of Strength Drain. This happens again every minute you are within range.
  • Salt: The touch of salt burns faerie, causing 1 point of damage each hour they touch it. Ingesting salt causes faerie a -1 to all d20 rolls for the following 24 hours.
  • St. John’s Wort and Daisies: Faerie magics and powers have a reduced effect in an area with St. John's wort or daisies. The Power Level or caster level is reduced by 1 within 20' of the plant, and by half within 10'. A chain of these flowers placed around the neck of a faerie renders them unable to use their powers or magics.
  • Cold Iron: The touch of cold iron is uncomfortable to faerie. It doesn't cause actual damage, but they are required to make a Concentration check (DC 20) to do anything which requires focus. A faerie bond in cold iron cannot use his powers or magic and is exhausted.

There are many wards which appear in folklore, but have no power against faerie. Bells, flax on the floor, running water, or a twig of broom are common misconceptions. Turning your cloths inside out, shoes with toes pointing away from the bed, or a sock under the bed are some more extreme wishful thinking.

The color red has special significance to the faerie, but no special power over them. And while not often pious, faerie are respectful of religious symbols, and rarely cause mischief on holy ground or dance on cakes when a cross has been etched in the frosting. A knife under your pillow would keep most folks away, especially if they knew it was there, as a stealthy faerie is likely to.
Event Modifier: +2. If the check succeeds, the next Issue or Storyline involves a scene where you must deal with a ward.

Cold Iron Bound

(Power Suite)
Cost: -1 CP/PL
Effect: When your hands or body or restrained by wrought iron, you cannot use powers or augmentations with the Elemental source.

testing chemicals and medicines
thermal imaging goggles
thermal imaging camera

List to get rid of: (a) (b) A an or and ,

A common wardrobe (with collared shirts and khakis),
a business wardrobe,
a laptop,
a tablet,
a smartphone,
a doctorate in your chosen field,
a collection of books with notes scribbled in the margins,
a pen,
a library card,
a coffee mug from your alma mater,
an economy car,
A designer wardrobe,
a formal wardrobe,
a business wardrobe,
the latest smartphone,
the latest tablet,
laptop computer
desktop computer,
a gaming set,
first-class flights,
a valuable piece of art,
luxury accommodation,
limo service, (a)
rooms in your family manor, (b)
rooms in your family penthouse, or (c)
a fine house owned by your family, (a)
a luxury car, (b)
and SUV, or (c)
a sportscar,
A common wardrobe (with tattered jeans, sandals, and something made from hemp),
one completed work,
three incomplete works,
a collection of books,
a bus pass, (a)
a tablet or (b)
a laptop, (a)
a musical instrument or (b)
a set of artisans tools, (a)
a shabby apartment, (b)
a loft with 1d4+1 roommates, or (c)
an old farmhouse with 1d4+1 roommates, (a)
a bike or (2)
an old economy car that usually starts,
A common wardrobe (with lots of dark clothes and maybe some superhero log t-shirts),
a costume,
a large city map,
a swing-line,
a reminder of why you fight crime,
a utility belt,
zip-tie handcuffs (500),
a flashlight, (a)
a comm or (b)
smartphone, (a)
a desktop computer or (b)
a laptop, (a)
a mask or (b)
goggles, (a)
a sports car, (b)
a muscle car, or (c)
a motorcycle (sidecar optional), (a)
a mid-range apartment with roof access or (b)
rooms in a base that you share with your team,
A common wardrobe (with a leather vest, jacket, or trenchcoat),
thieves' tools,
a smartphone,
a laptop,
two sets handcuffs,
a paracord (100'),
a newspaper clipping about a bounty you brought in,
a bounty hunting license, (a)
a low-rent apartment or (b)
a run-down house, (a)
a muscle car or (b)
an SUV,
A common wardrobe (including flannel, boots, hats, jeans, and Carhartt),
a smartphone,
a trophy from the county fair, (a)
a tablet or (b)
a laptop,
a set of artisans' tools,
a domestic animal, (a)
rooms in a big,
old house on your family farm or (b)
land with trailer, (a)
a pickup or (b)
an ATV,
A common wardrobe (with a lot of dark clothing and gloves),
a smartphone,
a mask,
a crowbar,
thieves' tools,
a trophy from a job you're proud of, (a)
a set of artisans tools or (b)
a gaming set, (a)
a sedan or (b)
a motorcycle, (a)
a low-rent apartment, (b)
a big house in a bad neighborhood that you share with 1d4+1 shady roommates,
A common wardrobe (with a lot of dark clothing),
a costume,
a city map,
a swing-line,
a trophy from a villain you took down,
a utility belt,
a flashlight,
a smartphone, (a)
a desktop computer or (b)
laptop, (a)
a mask or (b)
goggles, (a)
a sports car, (b)
muscle car, or (c)
a motorcycle (sidecar optional), (a)
an apartment with roof access or (b)
rooms in a base you share with your team,
A common wardrobe,
a business wardrobe,
a smartphone,
a desktop computer,
a laptop (owned by your company),
a tablet,
an award for a job well done, (a)
a nice apartment or (b)
a condo, (a)
a sedan or (b)
an economy car,
A designer wardrobe,
a business wardrobe,
two lab coats,
a stethoscope,
a medical license,
a degree in your chosen field of medicine,
a smartphone,
a tablet,
a medical kit, (a)
a sedan or (b)
a luxury car, (a)
a high-end apartment or (b)
a fine house,
A common wardrobe with a few eccentric ties,
two designer outfits,
two business outfits,
a smartphone,
a laptop,
a tablet,
the next big thing, (a)
a mid-range apartment or (b)
a suburban house and $10,000 debt, (a)
an economy car or (b)
a luxury car and $10,000 debt,
A fine wardrobe of silks and satins,
a coronet or tiara,
a token of your connection to your mythic people,
rooms in the home of your family,
a faerie steed (or similar animal),
A common wardrobe (including witty t-shirts and logo ts),
sci-fi knick-knacks,
a cataloged collection of items of your nerd-love (e.g.: fantasy novels, comic books, action figures),
a laptop,
a gaming system,
a tablet, (a)
a basement apartment or (b)
a dorm room, (a)
a moped, (b)
an economy car or (c)
an old conversion van,
A common wardrobe (with sturdy clothes, boots, a leather jacket and a hat),
two explorer's outfits,
a trekking backpack,
an adventuring backpack,
a smartphone,
a tablet,
a compass,
a pair of binoculars,
a metal detector,
a shovel,
a 50-foot rope,
a canteen,
5 days of rations,
a mid-range apartment or (b)
an old house near a museum, (a)
an SUV or (b)
an ATV,
A common wardrobe (including jerseys, caps, and t-shirts with sports logos and a letterman's jacket),
athletics wardrobe,
two team uniforms,
a smartphone,
a tablet,
sporting gear,
a gaming system,
a shelf of trophies,
a duffle bag, (a)
rooms in your family home or (b)
a dorm room, (a)
a sports car or (b)
an SUV,
A common wardrobe (including outfits appropriate to your performance style), a smartphone, a tablet, any 2 musical instruments, three completed acts, (a) a mid-range apartment or (b) a house with 1d4+1 roommates, (a) an old conversion van, (b) a motorcycle, or (c) an economy car, and $100.

A common wardrobe (with lots of black), two shinobi shozoku, climbing claws, 20 makibishi (caltrops), a smartphone, a tablet, a motorcycle, (a) a highrise apartment or (b) a house on the grounds of your clan, and $200.

A common wardrobe (including some eccentric garb), a smartphone, a ghost box, a thermal camera, (a) a laptop or (b) a tablet, (a) a crystal ball or (b) some other "item of power", (a) a apartment over a storefront that you rent or (b) an old "haunted" farmhouse, (a) an economy car or (b) an old van, and $100.

A common wardrobe (including a black turtleneck, BDUs, and boots), a business wardrobe, a lock release gun, (a) a disguise kit or (b), thieves' tools, a laptop, sunglasses, (a) a hood or (b) a ski mask, (a) a sachel or (b) a briefcase, a smartphone, (a) a sports car or (b) a motorcycle, (a) a nice apartment or (b) a suburban house, and $200.

A common wardrobe, three sets of performance attire, three completed routines, any two tools of your trade (artist's tools, musical instrument, etc.), sunglasses, a token from a fan, a smartphone, (a) a laptop or (b) a tablet, (a) a backpack, (b) a dufflebag, or (c) a suitcase, (a) a nice apartment or (b) a country house, (a) a van, (b) a motorcycle, or (c) a sedan, and $200.

A common wardrobe (which may include suits or uniforms depending on your profession), a smartphone, (a) a laptop or (b) a desktop computer, a magnifying glass, a clue from an unsolved case, any two sets of tools, a license, (a) a sedan or (b) an SUV, (a) a low-rent apartment or (b) an old family house, and $100.

A common wardrobe (including items expressing your school spirit and perhaps school uniforms), a student backpack, school supplies, books, a library card, a bus pass, a laptop, a smartphone, a gaming system, a tablet, (a) rooms in your family home or (b) a dorm room, if 16 or older (a) an economy car or (b) an old sedan, and $50.

A common wardrobe (including bandanas and hoodies), a tattoo, (a) a baseball bat or (b) a crowbar, a smartphone, (a) an old sedan or (b) an old motorcycle, (a) a run-down apartment or (b) a run-down house you share with 1d4+1 roommates, and $50.

A fine wardrobe and business wardrobe designed by fashion leaders and tailored to perfection, a cutting-edge tablet, a cutting-edge smartphone, and a cutting-edge laptop, (a) a mansion or (b) a penthouse, any three exotic getaways, any three cars you'd like, a private jet, and $500,000.

A common wardrobe (with grass-stains, smudges, and rips), two explorer's outfits, any two toolkits, a small item of possibly faerie origin, a collection of natural things most other people want nothing to do with, (a) a house on the edge of the woods or (b) an apartment near a park, (a) an old Jeep or (b) an economy car, and $100.

A common wardrobe (with jeans, work shirts, boots, and possibly coveralls), an artisan's toolkit, (a) another artisans' toolkit, (b) a gaming set, or (b) a musical instrument, a smartphone, (a) a nice apartment or (b) an old house you're fixing up, (a) a pick-up or (b) an SUV, and $200.

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