Equipment is a broad term for the stuff your character has at his disposal or may need. It might be a pocket-watch, a toolbox, a motorcycle, a suit of armor, or a machine pistol. Equipment comes in limitless varieties, but there are a finite number of categories we'll use to help define them. If you wish to purchase something not found here, research the details on the object, including price, and collaborate with your GM to purchase it.

Weapons. Weapons are offensive items used in combat. Handguns, swords, baseball bats, and pulse cannons are all included here. There are even stats given for using manhole covers and cars as weapons (see Improvised Weapons).
Armor. Armor is protective gear. It includes ancient, modern, and even futuristic armors and shields.
Vehicles. Vehicles can get a character from point-A to point-B, or they can be integral equipment in adventures and combat.
Enchanted Items. Whether through wizardly machinations, foul sorcery, divine grace, or faerie magics, some items are imbued with abilities beyond the norm.
Tools. A tool is an item that requires a tool check to use and helps you to do something you couldn't otherwise do, such as craft or repair an item, forge a document, or pick a lock.

  • Computers: A computer is a special tool, an electronic device for storing and processing data that comes in many varieties.

General Equipment. These are items your character may need, including professional items, adventuring gear, and objects to make life easier.
Services. A trip to the doctor, a visit to the mechanic, or hiring a lawyer are all services a hero might need.

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