1st-level movement

Activation Time: 1 round
Range: 10 feet
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 round

You spend your turn focusing to activate this power. At the beginning of your next turn, this power transports you and up to two willing creatures of your choice that you can see within range to a destination you select. Large creatures count as two creatures, Huge creatures count as four creatures. You can’t target any creature larger than Huge.

You can target an object instead of a creature. You may exchange a creature for up to 250 lbs of objects within range, not held or carried by an unwilling creature.

The destination you choose must be known to you. It must be no more than 25 miles away and it must be on the same plane of existence as you. Your familiarity with the destination determines whether you arrive there successfully. The GM rolls d100 and consults the table.

Familiarity Mishap Similar Area Off Target On Target
Port-ring 01-100
Home 01-100
Very familiar 01-05 06-13 14-24 25-100
Seen casually 01-33 34-43 44-53 54-100
Viewed once 01-43 44-53 54-73 74-100
Description 01-43 44-53 54-73 74-100
False destination 01-50 51-100


How familiar you are with your destination has a great deal f influence over whether you arrive there:

  • Port-ring: A port-ring is a permanent, designated area, often associated with a base or sanctuary. These rings are energized with unique sequences causing them to stand out to teleporters.
  • Home: Home is a place where you spend twenty-five percent of your time. It might be your base, school, or house.
  • Very familiar: This is a place you have been very often, a place you have carefully studied, or a place you can see when you use the power. * Seen casually: This is a place you have seen more than once but with which you aren’t very familiar. This includes a destination that you can see on mapping software.
  • Viewed once: You have seen this place only once, possibly using a power.
  • Description: You only know the location and appearance of this place through someone else’s description, perhaps from a standard map.
  • False destination: This is a place that doesn’t exist. You may have misinformation or you are attempting to teleport to a familiar location that no longer exists.

On Target. You and your group appear where you want to.

Off Target. You and your group appear a random distance away from the destination in a random direction. Distance off target is 1d10 × 1d10 percent of the distance that was to be traveled. For example, if you tried to travel 120 miles, landed off target, and rolled a 5 and 3 on the two d10s, then you would be off target by 15 percent, or 18 miles. The GM determines the direction off target randomly by rolling a d8 and designating 1 as north, 2 as northeast, 3 as east, and so on around the points of the compass. If you were teleporting to a coastal city and wound up 18 miles out at sea, you could be in trouble.

Similar Area. You and your group wind up in a different area that’s visually or thematically similar to the target area. If you are heading for a park, for example, you might wind up in another wooded area or natural setting. Generally, you appear in the closest similar place, but could conceivably wind up anywhere in range.

Mishap. Each teleporting creature and object takes 3d10 force damage, and the GM rerolls on the table to see where you wind up (multiple mishaps can occur, dealing damage each time).

At Higher Levels. When you trigger this power at higher levels, you can add 1 additional creature per power level. You also increase the distance that you can teleport:

  • At 2nd level, the distance increases to 100 miles.
  • At 3rd level, the distance is 500 miles.
  • At 4th level, you can farport 2,500 miles.
  • At 5th level, you can farport 10,000 miles.
  • At 6th level, you can travel 50,000 miles (twice what you'd need to go anywhere on Earth).
  • At 7th level, you can teleport anywhere in the solar system (or about 80 astronomical units).
  • At 8th level, you can teleport anywhere in the galaxy (or about 100,000 light years).
  • At 9th level, you can teleport anywhere in the Universe.
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