Learning Additional Powers

When you discover a power of 1st level or higher, if it’s of a level for which you have power slots and if you can spare the time and effort to learn it, you can add it to your power suite.

You can never learn more powers in this way than half your level rounded down. This doesn't increase the numder of power slots that you have, only your powers known.

Learning a power involves understanding how to produce the effect. You must practice the power until you understand the muscles, motions, or drive needed.

For each level of the power, the process takes 2 hours and costs 2 power points. Once you have spent this time and power points, you can add the power to your power suite and prepare the power just like your other powers.

If you use a power point to trigger this power before learning it, this counts as one of the power points you expend.

If you have an instructor who is willing to devote time and knows how to use the power you’re learning, the process takes only 1 hour and costs 1 power point for each level of the power.

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