Metabolize Fire

4th-level ability increase

Activation Time: 1 reaction taken when you would receive fire damage
Range: Self
Duration: 1 round
Prerequisite: You must have immunity to fire damage to activate this power.

Fire damage doesn't harm you. Instead, when you would have taken fire damage from an attack, you can cause targets of your next attack that deals fire damage to take disadvantage of their saving throw or you can deal one extra die of damage, your choice.

When you metabolize fire in this way, you do not require food or water for the next 24 hours.

At Higher Levels. The power becomes more potent when activated at higher levels as shown:

  • 6th level If you choose to deal extra damage, roll that damage die twice and take the highest roll.
  • 8th level If you choose to deal extra damage, roll two of your damage dice twice and take the highest result of each die.
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