Military Combatant

You enlisted or were drafted into service and fall into a military command structure. You have trained in weaponry, tactics, survival techniques, and a specialty of some kind. When you select this background, work with your GM to determine what nation and which military branch you belong to and what rank you have achieved.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
Tool Proficiency: Select one of the following: Computers, Card Games, Strategy Games, Heavy Groundcraft, Heavy Watercraft, Helicopters, Jet Planes, Military Groundcraft, Motorboats, Prop Planes, Submarines
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A casual wardrobe (with BDUs, boots, and military logo t-shirts and caps), an insignia of rank, five uniforms, one dress uniform, a flashlight, a smartphone, a reminder of a proud or difficult moment in service, (a) a deck or cards or (b) a chess set, and (a) a desktop computer or (b) a laptop.


You played a specific role within your unit, company, division, or branch. While not all specialties are listed, you may select any specialty or roll a d12 to choose from the options below:

d12 Specialty d12 Specialty
1 Infantry 7 Corps of Engineers
2 Field Artillery 8 Air Defense Artillery
3 Aviation 9 Cyber Operations Specialist
4 Special Forces 10 Armor
5 Electronic Warfare 11 Military Police
6 Military Intelligence 12 Combat Medic

Feature: Command Structure

You are part of the military hierarchy, holding a rank. Service men and women of lower rank who are part of your branch defer to you. Those of higher rank may give your orders which you are expected to obey. You can invoke your rank to requisition simple equipment or vehicles for temporary use. You can generally gain access to military bases where your rank is recognized, including those of allied nations, though the GM may determine that certain installations or areas are restricted from you.

Suggested Characteristics

Military Combatants are disciplined soldiers in service to their nations but are often scarred by the horrors of war, fear, and shame.

D8 Personality Trait
1 I am a soldier, and a soldier follows orders.
2 Nothing phases me anymore.
3 I don't run from my problems, I stare them in the eye and face them head-on.
4 I show respect to everyone.
5 I've seen terrible atrocities and can't escape those memories.
6 I don't get close to people, because I've lost too many of them.
7 I freely offer pointers in combat situations, even when no one wants to hear.
8 My gallows humor can sometimes be offensive.
d6 Ideal
1 Self-Sacrificing. Our job is to lay down our lives in defense of others. (Good)
2 Obedience. Our job is to follow orders. (Lawful)
3 Self-Directed. We shouldn't follow orders blindly. (Chaotic)
4 Military Might. We need to show the strength of our nation through war. (Evil)
5 Employee. We have a job to do. (Any)
6 Nationalism. Our nation and its progress and survival are our responsibility. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I come from a long line of military men and women, and I want to make them proud.
2 "No man left behind," isn't just sentimental, its strategic.
3 Win or lose, I fight with honor. I will not die a coward's death.
4 I would die for any member of my military branch.
5 I would die for anyone who fights beside me.
6 I fight to make money. "Mercenary" isn't a bad word.
d6 Flaw
1 I have little respect for anyone who has served in the military in some capacity.
2 I follow orders, even when I know they're wrong.
3 I wake every night from nightmares of the past in a cold sweat.
4 I foresaw a terrible military calamity and went to my superiors to stop it, but they ignored me. If I don't let it go, I'm going to be court-martialed.
5 I made a mistake that cost the lives of members of my unit, and I cannot forgive myself.
6 I mistakenly killed an innocent, and I cannot forgive myself.
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