Psychic Manifestation

Manipulation knacks

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Instantaneous or 1 minute

By tugging at the psychic energies around you and manipulating them, you create one of the following effects within range:

  • Your voice seems to boom up to three times louder than normal as it echoes in the minds of living creatures for up to 1 minute.
  • You cause harmless sensory disturbances such as warmth, coolness, or mild vertigo, to one living creature for up to 1 minute.
  • You create an instantaneous auditory effect that seems to originate from a point of your choice within range, such as a rumble of thunder, the cry of a raven, or ominous whispers.
  • You create an instantaneous visual, translucent effect that originates from a point of your choice within range, such as a burning lamp, a ghostly apparition, or a shifting shadow seen only by living creatures.

If you trigger this power multiple times, you can have up to three of its 1-minute effects active at a time, and you can dismiss such an effect as an action.

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