Psychic Presence

There are a number of powers which allow your psychic presence to take on a form outside of your body. These powers all follow some basic rules. When you send your mind into the Astral Plane or Cyberspace, you leave your physical body behind and take on the form of your psychic presence.

Your psychic presence appears as you see yourself, perhaps more or less attractive, and perhaps a bit older or younger. Your physical ability scores are replaced by your mental: Strength is replaced by Charisma, Dexterity by Intelligence, and Constitution by Wisdom. These changes affect your attacks, saving throws, skills, Hit Points, Armor Class, power checks, power save DC, and all other statistics of your character affected by ability scores.

You can have whatever weapons and armor you normally carry and are proficient in, even if those items are not on your person. You can also summon such equipment, but only objects you own that are familiar to you. Additionally, you can use astral armor and weapons if available.

You maintain your power suite and any power slots you have remaining, but these powers only function in the plane your power has brought you to, not in the material world. The exception is psychic powers. You can use any psychic powers you possess to interact with the physical world (e.g.: Telepathic Whisper, Psychic Storm), if you can see your target.

You aren’t aware of the happenings to or around your body (unless you’re on an overlay and near enough to see it), and your body is treated as unconscious for purposes of defense. You know immediately if your body takes any damage or if it experiences any sensation that would normally wake someone. For example, you would be aware if your body were being shaken or stuck with a needle, but not if it were being gently carried or if someone were to draw on your face with a Sharpie. Your body still requires food, water, and air.

Your psychic presence is a separate incarnation. Unless stated otherwise within the power's description, any damage is halved upon returning to your body where it becomes psychic damage, subject to any resistance and immunity you may have. Any other conditions have no effect on your physical body, nor do they persist when you return to it.

You initially wear a favorite outfit but can wear whatever clothing you choose and change your attire with a Charisma check (DC 12).

You also have the addition of a silvery cord that extends from between your shoulder blades or the back of your head, and trails behind you, fading to invisibility after a few feet. This cord is your tether to your material body. As long as the tether remains intact, you can find your way home. If the cord is cut—something that can happen only when an effect specifically states that it does—your soul and body are separated, killing you instantly (although some believe your psychic presence remains on the Astral Plane as a mad ghost).

Death and Projection

The GM may determine that your psychic presence goes on as a ghostly NPC, mournfully haunting places or people you were attached to in life, or attempting to follow courses similar to those you would have chosen, but with a dark, mad twist.

Faerie and Projection

Faerie do not have a separate body and soul. A faerie with Astral Projection doesn’t leave his body, but fully enters the Astral Plane, keeping his standard physical abilities.

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