Quick-Start Characters

Sitting down to play this game for the first time can be a bit daunting. These quick-start rules will let you get into the game, gain a grasp of how to play, and let you have some super-heroic fun before you tackled creating a character from scratch.

Ready-To-Play Characters

We've included some pre-generated characters with classes, powers, and backgrounds. You can make changes to them if you like, giving them a different name, alignment, or even changing some of their powers or their background.

Character Description Race Endowment Class Background
Captain Justice He's a high school athlete granted powers by a mysterious light. GMO Freak Super-Powers Action Hero Jock
Chitan He's a metalic shinobi serving his clan. Supreme Empowered Super-Powers Brawler Ninja
Church Grim He's a police detective who stalks his neighborhood at night solving crimes. Human Astonishing Disciplines Detective Sleuth
Doctor Legend She's a bio-chemist who seeks to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. Human Astonishing Disciplines Scientist Doctor
Flare She's a hot-headed, fire-shooting crime fighter. Supreme empowered Super-Powers Blaster Crime Fighter
Gray Diviner He's an eccentric monster hunter with earth magic in his blood. Academician Magus Innate Magic Brain Paranormal Professional
Impetus He's a bounty-hunting speedster. Supreme Empowered Super-Powers Zoomer Bounty Hunter
Psyborg He's an awkward professor with a cybernetic brain. Cryborg Freak Tech-wonders Brain Academic
Red Sabre He's a grim hunter of evil who wields a mystic blade. Variant human Mystic Wielding Action Hero Crusader
Sarinade She's a musician who uses the power of her voice to bring peace and happiness. Supreme Empowered Super-Powers Charmer Musician
Sealord He's an Atlantean noble trying to live on the surface and protect his watery home. Atlantian Human Mystic Wielding Action Hero Blue-Blood
Stray Cat He's a willy street-cat who just wants to have fun. Scion Magus Beastly-Powers Charmer Bohemian
Tango He is a fiesty robot built for military service. Robot Tech-wonders Brawler Military Combatant
Wild One She's a feral child raised in the forest who hasn't fully adjusted to life among people. Monstrous Empowered Beastly-Powers Brawler Wild Child


We've included charts to help you select your powers quickly when gaining a new level. This will speed things up, but you can choose to select new powers as described under your endowment if you'd like.

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