4th-level sensory

Activation Time: 1 minute
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

You zip through the area and gain knowledge of your surrounding area.

Aboveground, this power gives knowledge of the area within 3 miles of you. In sewers and other underground settings, you gain knowledge of the area within 300 feet of you.

You instantly gain knowledge about the following subjects as they relate to the area if that knowledge if it can be seen or reasonably noticed and wouldn't require opening doors:

  • Terrain, landmarks, and bodies of water
  • Prevalent plants, animals, or peoples
  • Prevalent buildings, structures, streets, active transit lines, and tracks.
  • Battles currently happening

If such knowledge is concealed, you do not gain that information.

For example, you could determine the location of a gang of thugs at a bar on the street level of a three-story building with their bikes parked out front, the location of a power plant that seems to be shut down, the rout of streets and the nearby train tracks, and that the convenience store is selling 64-ounce drinks for $.69.

However, you wouldn't know that the gang leader is in the bar's back room or that he and his men are werewolves, that a slithering black ooze is seeping up from the powerplant's floor, or that the train tracks are a time portal.

At Higher Levels. When activated using a higher level power slot you can either increase the range by 1 mile above ground or 100 feet below ground, or you can reduce the activation time by 1 round for each power level above 4th (1 minute is 10 rounds).

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