Sphere of Influence

1st-level manipulation

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: Self (10-foot radius)
Duration: 1 minute

When you activate this power, you create a sphere of power with a 10-foot radius that is centered on you and moves with you. When a creature begins its turn in this area, it must make a Wisdom saving throw. If it fails, the creature is Charmed by you for the duration or until you or your companions do something harmful to it. If it succeeds, it is unaffected. It automatically succeeds if you or your companions are fighting it.

A charmed creature can’t attack you or target you with harmful abilities, and you have advantage on any ability check to interact socially with the creature.

At Higher Levels: When you activate this power using a power slot of 2nd level or higher, the duration is increased by 1 minute for each slot level above 1st. Additionally, when you activate this power using a 3rd-level power slot, the range increases to a 15-foot radius, at 5th-level to a 20-foot radius, at 7th-level to a 25-foot radius, and at 9th-level to a 30-foot radius.

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