3rd-level manipulation

Activation Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Instantanious

You may attempt to disarm a target within a web or similar line. range using a ranged weapon or ranged attack power. Make a ranged power attack against both the target's AC and Wisdom (Perception) check. If you succeed, you snatch the item from the target's grasp and pull it into your empty hand. If you don't have an empty hand, or if you choose not to catch the item, it lands in a space you choose within 30 feet of you.

If the item is being held in two hands by the current owner, you have disadvantage.

You cannot use this power on an object that is Heavy or larger.

At Higher Levels. This power increases in effectiveness when activated with a higher level power slot. The range increases by 10 feet for every slot above 3rd.

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